What people are saying about us.

Elena C.

I have had a very pleasant experience working with Shelby Kyle. She managed my claim with State Farm with utmost professionalism. Before Shelby coming into this "big project", I was very scared and anxious because I do not have any experience dealing with situations like these. Shelby answered all my questions that made my life easier. She is a true policyholder advocate! It was a pleasure having worked with your company.

Crystal Williams

We had an unfortunate incident when the line behind the washer disconnected during the cycle. The water flooded our bedrooms, our hallway, and damaged floors and sheetrock. We called insurance and they informed us someone would be out that afternoon (on Saturday). We never heard from anyone until that evening, around 8:00pm. Even then, with the amount of water, he scheduled to stop by the following Tuesday. By the time he got there, water had been sitting for 3 days. He proceeded to tell us that it was a "mute point" to have remediation come, considering it had been so long.

Linda Mikulenka

My name is Linda and I live on the Southwest side of Houston TX. When I first contacted South Wind Public Adjusters, I had little hope that my claim would move forward as I had been turned down by Allstate after three inspections, with them claiming that there was not enough damage to "cover my deductible". I KNEW that not only did I have damage right after the storm, but that the integrity of my home was experiencing on going damage due to the fact that the original damages were not being addressed.

Laverne Zogg

I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Stephanie and her team at South Wind Public Adjusters! I am an elderly woman and when Hurricane Ike came through town, I just considered myself lucky as I looked at the damage around me. I live in La Porte TX and most of the roofs in my neighborhood were missing shingles and had tree limbs on them, but my home looked fine.

BJ Pendergast- PGF Roofing, Houston

My name is BJ and I am the owner of PGF Roofing on the Northwest side of Houston. About a year ago I was contacted by Stephanie Corona at South Wind Public Adjusters for the possibility of maybe working together on the clients that needed my services for a new roof, but had been turned down by their insurance companies. At first I was very skeptical but agreed to meet with her out of curiosity. I can safely say that it was a meeting that I have never had an opportunity to regret.

Jim and Barbara Rystrom

Andy Bruce from Southwind Public Adjusters was great to work with. We recently had a hail damage claim which our insurance adjuster initially said $11000 would cover a 3900 square foot roof. After we hired Andy, we got our new roof, new skylight and skylight covers, gutters, downspouts, screens and interior water damage repaired and painted. It came to over twice the amount the insurance wanted to give us and without South Wind we would have incurred more interior damage since we didn't know the skylight was leaking.

Scott Ellis

As a roofing contractor I am always running into walls with homeowners insurance adjuster's on their claims. I see damage and they don't agree, etc., or find another way not to pay. I do everything I can in my power, but I am limited.
For many of these cases where I feel powerless, I call South Wind and get them connected. Andy and the guys have great success where I am limited. Insurance companies love to defraud their policyholders but South Wind holds them accountable!
Thanks for you help! My customers and me appreciate it!

Bob McKillop

Jeff and Julie,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you both for your efforts in getting this claim resolved in our favor. Everything you said would happen did and I am certain we could not have resolved this issue without your help. I would work again with you again if the need arises-thanks again for your good work.

Shannon Black

After having my insurance claim denied on more than one occasion, I felt the need to call upon Andy Bruce as a Public adjuster. After hearing my insurance adjuster telling me' "Well Good Luck with that"' That is when I felt to need to call upon Andy Bruce and the Guys!! Listen folks' I am telling you' that this is one of the nicest and most professional Man I have ever met!

Debbie Speckmiear * Waco Texas

My son(Clint) who is an architect brought Andy Bruce over who is a Public Adjuster. Clint said state farm was not paying us nearly what the roof is worth. We didn't know as we don't know much about roofing. We had never heard of a public adjustor and we were skeptical at first but Andy did a wonderful thing for us--he save us a ton of money. State Farms claim for us was $12,000 and Andy got it up to $19,500. He found additional damage that "State Farm didn't see" and found they had measured the roof "wrong". They had put down a much smaller roof than we had.

Susan McSwain

Julie Buky, of Southwind Public Adjusters, inspected my house for damage caused by Hurricane Ike. She did a very thorough job and walked with me through the process of getting the information together for him to give to the attorney who handled the case. Julie was very professional in her work and very concerned that I knew at all times what the status of the claim was. I am so very pleased that he was recommended to me. I would highly recommend Julie and her associates for those needing the assistance of a public adjuster in getting insurance companies to pay claims that are justfied.

Ms. Pat

I am very pleased with the professionalism and service I received! My adjuster worked with me and I recieved the best service possible! I would definitely use this company again in the future!! Very satisfied!!!

John Loden

Being a professional roofer, there are many people I meet who need a roof and have been wrongly denied. I am so glad I met Andy Bruce with Southwind Public Adjusters. He has worked with my clients and gotten them money to replace their roofs when there was no other way. He is a professional at what he does and impresses me whenever I get to see him work. I’ve learned a lot from him and consequently have become a personal friend as well. I encourage anyone with insurance claims issues not to hesitate in calling Andy.

John Loden

Cynthia H. S.E TX

After our infamous Texas storm I was distraught to say the least at having to try and understand the complex world of the insurance claim industry. I was struggling with my claim and felt it was not being handled to my satisfaction by my insurance company. All of my estimates were higher than what my insurance company gave me. I called Mr. Andy Bruce at SouthWind after he was highly recommended by a neighbor who had used his professional services to successfully settle her own insurance claim. SouthWind was very efficient and competent, and kept me informed through the entire process.

Mike Georghiou. Owner: TOPDOG ROOFING Houston TX

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Andy Bruce and his team at South Wind. I had numerous clients that had been underpaid or denied by one insurance company or another. Although I have been in the roofing and construction industry for many years, time and time again the experienced and knowledgeable team at South Wind would 'fight the battles' with the insurance companies and settle claims for my customers that had previously been denied, or underpaid. I have utilized Andy and his team numerous times from residential claims to multi-

Keith Robinson

Thank you all for the assistance in my roofing problem. I will pass your name on if anyone we know are having the same problem.

lydia singh

When my home insurance denied my claim after a hail storm I was at a loss. I knew I was being treated unfairly and was being taken advantage of. Soon after that I was involved in a car accident and was disabled for quite some time, I really was defenseless unable to care for my personal needs much less deal with horrible insurance companies that want to get away with not paying claims. Thankfully god sent me an angel and referred me to South Wind Public Adjusters. Andy bruce fought for me and made sure I would have a new roof.

M. Burrow: San Antonio TX

Thank-you SO much for your WONDERFUL SERVICE!