Shannon Black

After having my insurance claim denied on more than one occasion, I felt the need to call upon Andy Bruce as a Public adjuster. After hearing my insurance adjuster telling me' "Well Good Luck with that"' That is when I felt to need to call upon Andy Bruce and the Guys!! Listen folks' I am telling you' that this is one of the nicest and most professional Man I have ever met! Andy worked with us and with our insurance company to get a different adjuster out there who knew exactly what they were looking for and why the roof needed to be replaced If not for Andy and Andy's team' I would probably still be trying to prove my point on the hail damage that truly and inevitably exist on my roof!!! Andy' I just want to say a very Big Thank you to you and your guys for really seeing what my own adjuster couldn't see! I know the guy that looked at our roof was not blind:( So Andy thank you as you just pushed our roof right straight up to the front of the line and got it bought!! You are wonderful and a very professional in what u do with and did with our roof to get it bought!! Great things happen to great people and I honestly believe that and you were what mattered in our time of need!!! THANK YOU AGAIN ANDY! I can honestly say that you are just amazing !!!:) If anyone ever needs a Public adjuster ' I can honestly say that Andy Bruce and the guys are the ones and not only the ones' but the ones I would call upon if another case came into being. Andy Bruce and the guys' Thank you so very much for all of our time and effort u put into making sure I got a new roof!!. Andy' you and ur team are truly phenomenal and one of the best teams in the world!! God bless you always Guys:) Your friend and longtime encourager of anyone who ever gets put in a position such as we did!:)