Linda Mikulenka

My name is Linda and I live on the Southwest side of Houston TX. When I first contacted South Wind Public Adjusters, I had little hope that my claim would move forward as I had been turned down by Allstate after three inspections, with them claiming that there was not enough damage to "cover my deductible". I KNEW that not only did I have damage right after the storm, but that the integrity of my home was experiencing on going damage due to the fact that the original damages were not being addressed. After two long years, someone refered South Wind to me and I allowed them to come out and inspect my damages. I was IMMEDIATELY impressed with how thorough the estimator was....going through every room and taking time to look, measure and take pictures. After the assesment, it was decided that we should enlist an attorney to help with the claim due to the fact that Allstate was being so difficult. My settlement came in at over $55K in damages and even after the attorney fees, I had enough money to hire a qualified contractor to come out and finish the work on my house in a timely fashion and professionally. A special thanks go to Darin Sindt and Stephanie Corona for walking me through every step. They managed to take a difficult project and make it something very easy!