Laverne Zogg

I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Stephanie and her team at South Wind Public Adjusters! I am an elderly woman and when Hurricane Ike came through town, I just considered myself lucky as I looked at the damage around me. I live in La Porte TX and most of the roofs in my neighborhood were missing shingles and had tree limbs on them, but my home looked fine.

It was not until almost two years later that I noticed the water stains coming through my ceiling in the closets, garage and unused bedrooms. I thought for sure that it was too late and that I had lost my opportunity to even try to file a claim. One of my neighbors referred Stephanie to me and after speaking with her, someone from her team came to my home the next day. Not only did they spend a significant amount of time on my roof marking damages for my insurance company, but they did a full inspection on the inside of my property as well and found much more damage than I could see or detect.

They handled all communication with my insurance company so that I did not need to spend the time to do that and that took an enormous amount of stress off of me. When the adjuster from the insurance company came to do the inspection, her team was right there to answer any questions and to guide the adjuster through each site of damage. I thought that they would not get along due to conflicting interests, but was amazed when I saw that they not only spoke the same language, but came to the same understandings with little or no disagreement. There is no way that I would have known what to say or even if what the insurance company adjuster was saying was correct or not.

It is my pleasure to recommend South Wind Public Adjusters to all of my friends and family. The professionalism this company exhibited during the whole process is a rare trait among businesses today.