Crystal Williams

We had an unfortunate incident when the line behind the washer disconnected during the cycle. The water flooded our bedrooms, our hallway, and damaged floors and sheetrock. We called insurance and they informed us someone would be out that afternoon (on Saturday). We never heard from anyone until that evening, around 8:00pm. Even then, with the amount of water, he scheduled to stop by the following Tuesday. By the time he got there, water had been sitting for 3 days. He proceeded to tell us that it was a "mute point" to have remediation come, considering it had been so long. A friend recommended Stephanie Corona with South Wind PA and told me to call her ASAP. She immediately gave me instructions on what needed to be done. John Moore came out and 2 weeks after the initial flood, we are just now moisture free. Had it not been for Stephanie, we would have had mold and other serious issues, all because the insurance felt spending the money for remediation was a "mute point". Thank you Stephanie!