BJ Pendergast- PGF Roofing, Houston

My name is BJ and I am the owner of PGF Roofing on the Northwest side of Houston. About a year ago I was contacted by Stephanie Corona at South Wind Public Adjusters for the possibility of maybe working together on the clients that needed my services for a new roof, but had been turned down by their insurance companies. At first I was very skeptical but agreed to meet with her out of curiosity. I can safely say that it was a meeting that I have never had an opportunity to regret.

Upon listening to her ideas, I hesitantly turned over some of my hardest cases to her team to see what they could accomplish that I could not. The team at South Wind went to work and not only indemnified those hard clients, but a year later, have successfully managed to keep all of the clients that I have referred to them happy, informed and educated regarding their policies and their rights when dealing with their insurance companies. I have not had a single instance on the clients that they were able to recover damages with where I was unable to install a new roof due to lack of funds. Many times they have not only identified the roof damage in a way the insurance company will understand, but they have also identified damages that both I and the clients missed.

With all of that being said, the biggest surprise of all was that after seeing the quality of my work, they also referred business back to me! This has truly been a WIN-WIN-WIN situation with me, the homeowner and South Wind all feeling happy in the end.