Gutters Can Cause Roof Damage During The Winter

As you take down your Christmas lights this year pay close attention to the conditions of your gutters and be sure to review your homeowners insurance to determine if it will cover you for repairs. Some policies will protect you against certain perils while others offer coverage from all perils. If your policy protects you against certain perils the damage will have to be covered by a specific type of damage. However if you are covered from all perils check your exemptions to see what is not covered.

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Homeowners Policy

Next time you pick up a book or feel like reading, try your homeowners policy. Insurance companies are leveraging the risk and potential costs against you, the policyholder, thanks to the massive storms in the past few years. That is why it is vital for you to review and fully understand your coverage. Here are 5 things you absolutely need to know:

Winter Storm Make a Dent in Texas

Delayed flights and heavy snow around the country on Thanksgiving weekend made a dent in a lot of homeowners plans, but that may not be the only damage. As family plans to visit for the holidays the last thing you or a family member needs is a caved in roof with a family room full of real snow. Whether you are stuck at home or visiting friends or family in another part of the country, remind them that after heavy rains, snowfall, and hail storms it is imperative to have your roof surveyed for structural integrity.

Major Hail Storms Rip Through Texas

Central Texas experienced some extremely heavy hail damage over the weekend of October 16th 2013. While visible damage on the ground can steer your eyes towards cars, windshields, and other objects seen right infront of you, the biggest lurking problem may be over your head.

Hurricanes wreak havoc, adjusters save the day

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy's trek through the north-east United States region, an area rarely hit with a storm of that magnitude, many homeowners were left stranded and unable to recover. While the amount of claims kept rising as did the insurance companies denials of payment. You could get caught in a similar situation if you do not have the right people to fight for your claim, and this is where a public adjuster is more important than ever.

Finding the right public adjuster for your claim

If you're a homeowner and have experienced some form of damage that requires an insurance claim, you can be sure it is a stressful process having to deal with the insurance companies. This is one of the primary reasons why it is important to seek out a professional public adjuster who can help you maximize your claim and can deal with the in's and out's of the insurance companies policies that most homeowners just cant understand.

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