The Most Frequent Homeowners Insurance Claims

Catastrophe can strike in many ways, but with knowledge on your side you can be prepared. There are many ways a home can be damaged and there are many reasons to file a claim. Here we will give you a rundown of the top reasons why claims are filed for so you can do your best to stop damage before it happens.

What to look for in a home owner's insurance policy

Insurance companies use unfamiliar phrases to prevent you from receiving a reimbursement for damages that may occur to your property. The list of unfamiliar phrases is constantly updated to keep you out of the know. Here are a few updates:

Don't Claim an Exclusion!

Insurance companies have been known for taking advantage of policy holders for quite some time. Whether or not you've seen it happen, they are becoming increasingly sneaky and you must do what it takes to get out from under their thumb. Sometimes this means hiring a professional; a licensed public adjuster, to guide you through your policy.

South-East Tornado Breakout

In recent days, the South-East has been devastated as a result of a ferocious storm system unleashing many tornadoes. The tornados have been reducing homes to splinters, snapping trees like twigs and sending trucks through the air like toys. Deaths have been reported in 6 states and federal aid is being supplied to Arkansas as a result of the turmoil. Thousands of families have lost their homes along with all of there possessions and are now in shelters until further notice. It is predicted that this isn't over yet.

Tornadoes and Hail Tear Through Denton Texas

Severe weather including sightings of tornadoes and large hail passed through northern Texas this Thursday causing at least 4 injuries. Forth Worth's National Weather Service reports damaged homes, roofs, and broken utility poles, as some structural damage to UNT Denton campus, see pictures from twitter.

Preparing For a Tornado

Mother nature seems like it is becoming less predictable as we are seeing natural disasters in stranger places, which means unprepared victims. Where tornados are a well known entity, we must be ready. The key to surviving any natural disaster lies in the three P's: Planning, preparing, and practicing you and your family's safety procedures. These following tips will provide you with the proper guidance in the case of a weather-related emergency.

What is Coinsurance on my homeowner’s policy?

You think you've got adequate insurance coverage on your house. You have a good plan that states "Replacement Cost Coverage" just in case something happens, and you are sure you will receive compensation for any repairs that may be needed, and any property that is damaged.

5 Simple Steps to Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

You and your belongings have been effected by misfortune. Now what do you do? South Wind Public Adjusters will guide you through the process of dealing with your property damage and filing a claim.

Insurance Claim Basics

When disaster strikes an insurance claim is the call to arms for your financial security. Your insurance company has been collecting money from you and many other policy holders through premiums, and now you will utilize the benefits. It starts with a simple application that is reviewed by the insurers, and after being approved, is paid out to the insured. It is not uncommon for some insurance companies to deny claims that should have been approved.

Surprise Winter Flooding

Whether you own or rent, nothing is more annoying or costly than a flooded home. In addition to water damage, floods can create dangerous mold-friendly environments, which can have harmful effects on the structure of your home and its inhabitants. Surprisingly, a lot of home floods are cause by frozen pipes which can unexpectedly burst at the most inconvenient times.

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