When to file an insurance claim

There are many instances in which you may want to file an insurance claim and consider looking for a public insurance adjuster. If you file a claim and only contact your insurance company's adjuster, you are asking your insurance company to act for their own interests and also your interests which may be conflicting. This is why you hire a public adjuster. What situations might require a public adjuster?

Wind damage: In high winds, debris can fly into your home or through a window. Your deck table can fly through your sliding glass doors! A heavy branch could fall on your outdoor A/C units. The possibilities are endless with wind.

Water damage: Plumbing systems can leak and leave mold growing in dark spaces that you may not pay attention to until the damage is very expensive. Even a poorly fitting shower door can leak and end up being costly.

Rain damage: Separate from water damage, heavy rain can find or create an entry point into your home and cause many problems with drywall or carpeting, even hardwood floors can suffer

Fire and smoke damage: This does not occur as much as it used to but you do need to be very careful of lit candles and any open fire(s).

Vandalism: Including burglary. Thieves may break entry into your home and steal belongings that can be replaced. Vandals may damage your home or belongings.

Pest infestation: Bugs and rodents can cause plenty of damage before it is known they are present. Termites can compromise the integrity of your home and rodents can destroy insulation or chew through wiring.

These are common reasons for filing an insurance claim. If any event occurs and damage to your property takes place don't be afraid to call us and inquire about it. SouthwindPA will maximize your claim settlement.