Stormy Weather and Homeowner Insurance Claims

Just last night, thunderstorms moved over a large area extending from Texas to Illinois causing large amounts of damage to the cities of Dallas and Waco. Aggressive wind and strong rain forced anyone outside into shelter and under cover as a fair in Waco was cut short. Some results of these storms were an overturned truck and broken windows of a vehicle. This weather can be very dangerous to ourselves and to our belongings as well as property. Checking the inside and outside of your home after storms is important as you may find signs of damage. Here are a few stormy problems worth filing an insurance claim for:

Lightening strikes can severely damage your home by sending electricity through the wiring of the home. This can cause severe damage to any electrical devices plugged into outlets. Lightening can also spark fires which can catch onto grass and cause further damage to a home or other property.

Water damage can happen through flooding or wind driven rain which is when wind pushes rain through small cracks around the home.

Hail damage costs can reach $1 billion annually according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Smaller hail can destroy plants and crops, tearing them to pieces. Larger hail can dent cars, break windows, and damage roofs. Stronger enough hail can even kill livestock that are outside.

Wind can topple trees and launch debris through the air, possibly into your home or car. It can also move loose roof shingles, allowing rain to get in.

All of these potentially damaging factors can compromise your home. If you have insurance, though, you can file a claim and receive compensation for any damage. If you need help reviewing your insurance policy or filing a claim, contact us for assistance.