Staying safe and knowledgeable in the winter

According to Yahoo News, Texas was hit by the "Worst ice storm in years" just last winter. North Texas was covered by thick layers of freezing rain and sleet and thousands of homes lost power. Old Man Winter is back in town. This means many things for property owners and public adjusters alike because cold weather is the reason for countless insurance claims. There are freezing/bursting pipes, blizzards and storms, and snow itself. Snow, especially when wet, causes roofs, porches, and awnings to collapse. This costs a lot of money to rebuild as you can imagine. Limbs of trees come down on your property, wind damage happens from snow storms, melting snow leaks into your home, the list goes on and on. Imagine how much it costs when you are forced out of your home due to storm damage.

Steps can be taken to prevent these tragedies. Take precautions such as keeping the home at a temperature above 65 Fahrenheit to prevent freezing pipes. Remove excess snow from your roof to prevent heavy buildup. Keep gutters clean of leaves and debris to prevent ice dams which stop melting snow from falling off the roof and results in more accumulation of potential danger on your roof. Remove branches around your property that become heavy with snow, especially if they are above walkways or property to prevent injury.

Don't forget to inspect your property regularly including your car. Keep a winter emergency kit in your car in case you become stranded. Include blankets, food and water, flashlights and first aid kits. Stock up on fuel in case of a power outage. And of course, notify local government officials if sewers and street drains are clogged.

Remember to keep non-perishable food in your house and always make sure you have a fully charged cell phone and extra batteries. Most importantly, check on neighbors and people who are more at risk like children and the chronically ill. If any damage occurs to your property contact SouthWindPA. We will work to our best ability for you restoring your home to it's prime and compensating any money lost. Happy holidays, stay safe and warm.