Rooftop Stress Under Snow Can Lead to Insurance Claims

Summer has flown by and winter is coming. This means cool, serene nature and warm, cozy homes. It’s time to relax and find time to do whatever it is you most love to do. Occasionally as home owners, we run into trouble especially during certain seasons. Cold weather brings seemingly innocent, white fluffy snow from the sky. Snow can be great when it’s all around you and off of your driveway, but there’s one place you may not notice that snow is a danger, your roof.

Snow builds up on rooftops very easily and doesn’t run off like rainwater does, it stubbornly stays on your roof getting heavier and heavier. Collapsing roofs is the worst possible scenario but it is very rare. The more common problem unbeknownst to most homeowners is ice dams. Ice dams are just that: Dams of ice built on the edge of a roof that block snow and water from falling off of the roof. With no place to go, the moisture from snow and rainwater seeps into the roof behind the shingles and causes leaks in the house. The best solution for homeowners against ice dams is roof cleaning. Get up on your roof and shovel off that snow consistently to prevent heavy buildups of moisture that could be threatening.

For flat rooftops, ice dams are not as much of a problem as potential collapses. Snow relentlessly piles up on the flat surface and doesn’t fall off, slowly pushing the roof to its “snow load” capacity, which is the maximum weight a roof can hold from snow. This is when a roof collapse can occur. Again the best solution is to get on that roof and shovel off that snow to alleviate the pressure. If you notice any leaks or collapses this winter, let us take care of the worry. Contact SouthwindPA and we will conduct a complete evaluation of your damage and help you get appropriate funding for repairs.