The Public Insurance Adjuster

In comic books when disaster strikes, people call for superheroes. In real life when disaster strikes, people call their insurance adjuster. The public insurance adjuster offers investigative and planning services for clients who are filing insurance claims. The adjusters job is to assess damages, compile evidence on behalf of their clients and fight for compensation for any/all damages and lost valuables. Insurance companies will try to shell out as little as possible to the insured when it comes to claims that deal with stolen goods or defaced property. This is when the public adjuster comes in: The modern day hero.

Public insurance adjusters should understand Texas' rebuilding industry, local codes, and related expenditures. This helps the residents filing the claim because the public adjusters estimates will more accurately reflect real costs. With these realistic assessments, the adjuster can more effectively negotiate.

In addition to negotiating with the insurance companies, a reliable public adjuster helps document covered losses, fill out claims form, and navigate the entire process of the insurance claim and settlement process. For this reason, public adjusters must have excellent communication and mathematic skills. People trust public adjusters to get the job done, so they must be assertive and persistent when it comes to figuring out the truth of a claims case.

The Texas Department of Insurance can help with insurance licensing requirements here:

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