Claim Your Damages

When your property is stricken with damages, leave it up to us to seek out the help you need to get reimbursed for your property loss. The reason you have insurance is to receive compensation for any damages you run into, but Sometimes insurance companies don't want to give you the money you deserve, it happens. Now you may deserve more than you receive but you can't possibly take on an entire insurance company. That's what we're here for.

Public adjusters fight for you, the insured, against the insurance companies to increase the money you receive for damages on your property. In fact, public adjusters receive the same training that insurance company adjusters do. The only difference is that the public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. If you are going to file a claim to your insurance company, or you have already done so and you do not believe that you are receiving the proper reimbursement, call us for help. We will help you through the claims process and we don't allow any money to be held from you. We have the means to fight the big insurance companies and we will do so on your behalf, making the whole process worry-free. Just relax and let us do the dirty work.

If your property is damaged whether it be by a burglary, vandalism, or weather related damages, contact us! We will review your insurance policy with you to find out what you can claim. Call us at: 866-9SWIND1 or 1-866-979-4361 South Wind PA is here to help. See you soon!