SouthWind Texas Insurance Adjusters Are Here To Help You

At SouthWindPA we have been helping the citizens of Texas for sometime now, to get the proper settlement that they deserve. There are a lot of shrewd business men and women working for the insurance companies and that's why we're here for you. It can be stressful to take care of any damages to your property, emotionally and monetarily. If you experience any damage to your property or belongings and you are planning on filing a claim, contact us.

Rainy Season Has Returned

It is rainy season, time to secure our property and batten down the hatches. There are many problems related to rainfall that we have to be aware of because they can potentially cause damage to our homes. It’s important to know what can happen so we can prevent any unnecessary damage that can lead to costly repairs and time-consuming insurance claims. Fortunately SouthWindPA is here to help. We can give you the information you need to be prepared for the worst this rainy season but if all precaution fails, we can help rescue you and your property.

Claim Your Damages

When your property is stricken with damages, leave it up to us to seek out the help you need to get reimbursed for your property loss. The reason you have insurance is to receive compensation for any damages you run into, but Sometimes insurance companies don't want to give you the money you deserve, it happens. Now you may deserve more than you receive but you can't possibly take on an entire insurance company. That's what we're here for.

The Public Insurance Adjuster

In comic books when disaster strikes, people call for superheroes. In real life when disaster strikes, people call their insurance adjuster. The public insurance adjuster offers investigative and planning services for clients who are filing insurance claims. The adjusters job is to assess damages, compile evidence on behalf of their clients and fight for compensation for any/all damages and lost valuables. Insurance companies will try to shell out as little as possible to the insured when it comes to claims that deal with stolen goods or defaced property.

Staying safe and knowledgeable in the winter

According to Yahoo News, Texas was hit by the "Worst ice storm in years" just last winter. North Texas was covered by thick layers of freezing rain and sleet and thousands of homes lost power. Old Man Winter is back in town. This means many things for property owners and public adjusters alike because cold weather is the reason for countless insurance claims. There are freezing/bursting pipes, blizzards and storms, and snow itself. Snow, especially when wet, causes roofs, porches, and awnings to collapse. This costs a lot of money to rebuild as you can imagine.

Rooftop Stress Under Snow Can Lead to Insurance Claims

Summer has flown by and winter is coming. This means cool, serene nature and warm, cozy homes. It’s time to relax and find time to do whatever it is you most love to do. Occasionally as home owners, we run into trouble especially during certain seasons. Cold weather brings seemingly innocent, white fluffy snow from the sky. Snow can be great when it’s all around you and off of your driveway, but there’s one place you may not notice that snow is a danger, your roof.

Stormy Weather and Homeowner Insurance Claims

Just last night, thunderstorms moved over a large area extending from Texas to Illinois causing large amounts of damage to the cities of Dallas and Waco. Aggressive wind and strong rain forced anyone outside into shelter and under cover as a fair in Waco was cut short. Some results of these storms were an overturned truck and broken windows of a vehicle. This weather can be very dangerous to ourselves and to our belongings as well as property. Checking the inside and outside of your home after storms is important as you may find signs of damage.

When to file an insurance claim

There are many instances in which you may want to file an insurance claim and consider looking for a public insurance adjuster. If you file a claim and only contact your insurance company's adjuster, you are asking your insurance company to act for their own interests and also your interests which may be conflicting. This is why you hire a public adjuster. What situations might require a public adjuster?

What exactly do public adjusters do?

Wondering what's involved in the career of a licensed public adjuster? To start off, there is a license required for the job, appropriately named the public adjuster license. For the most part, it has different requirements depending on the state and public adjusters most hold a license in each state they wish to practice in. The applicant for a public adjuster license must be at least 18 years of age and must pass a criminal background check. The applicant must also score a passing grade on a written public adjuster examination.

Summer Break-ins

Summer is finally here and it's time to go on vacation! The kids are out of school which is a perfect excuse for you to get out of town. What you probably don't know is the amount of home break-ins during the summer increase by a whopping 20%! There are a few extra precautions you can take when leaving your home, especially during this heated season.

Set timers on lights. Burglars look for easy opportunities such as empty houses. Don't let your house appear vacant by having interior and exterior lights occasionally come on and off..

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